How to Get Over a Bad Embarrassing Hookup

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The Casual Sex Project Reveals The Truth About Hookup Culture

The worst part is, when I walked out to leave, best hookup apps they were all glaring at my best friend. When we got back to my dorm we got to it and right when she got on top she called me daddy. And wished to God that I was dead. My one-night stand called her mom right after we finished to tell her she finally had sex.

We also came to the agreement that the fewer people who knew about this, the better. At this point I had never been with a squirter, and even though this woman was foul in all other way, I manned up and got behind there. From an armpit-licker to a hot mess of a human-gorilla, we've got the wacky, sexy stories you need to hear.

15 Twentysomethings Reveal Their Craziest College Hookup Stories

19 Tinder Users Describe Their Best And Worst Hookup Stories

Well, we went home after and he started fingering me. When I got in the shower, surprise! Plus I'm late to the party so I doubt many people see this. She went on to explain that she had been on her period.

  1. One night, things were getting pretty heavy while we were making out on my couch.
  2. Ended up going back home with a freshman after a frat party got busted.
  3. Me and Liz make out on the living room floor but she won't put out completely, and eventually I fall asleep.
  4. When we were done she sucked my dick until I came.

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2. The Straight Roommate

Ended up him trying to jam his mostly soft dick into me for a few minutes and then giving up and then asking if I would like to take a shower. She called the cops to report it! Hooked up with a girl in my shower after a night out. Easily makes me look like a small guy, and she was taller too. Plus, you can still have an amazing spring break without going on a wild adventure or kissing your crush.

When he walked in, I grabbed him and went for it. Starting getting off with a girl in a club, everything starts to get a bit too heavy for the middle of a bar, so we start to leave to go back to her place for some sweet boning. Railing my girlfriend over the washer, text based dating games dad opens the door. It was like she got her jollies off on torturing people.

So obviously I hooked up with her. Share On tumblr Share On tumblr. It was three years before I got the story out of John.

How to Get Over a Bad Embarrassing Hookup

One night I was at the same party as my ex for the first time since we broke up. Especially the part where you actually had to eat with her instead of running the fuck away. He drove to a hotel parking lot while I frantically threw my clothes on in the back. Beautiful face, funny, a good person, but not my typical tiny, dainty girl that I had a tendency to be attracted to. She did everything perfect, from working the head and the shaft, cupping the balls, doing crazy shit with her tongue.

Welcome to failed hookup stories ever shared our results, henderson played in costume. So I thought it would be useful for people to have a place to share their stories of hookups, in a sort of structured and organized way, and to read about other people's experiences in this way. Hookup horror stories buzzfeed Never want to be.

All of this goes on while her mom is at work. Ouch, right in the ego Once the shock wore off she was cool about it. That's what friends are for! After coming out of the bathroom, I ran into his two other suite mates brushing their teeth.

Embarrassing Cringe-worthy and Downright Hilarious Hookup Stories
12 Embarrassing Sex Stories That Are Funny and Horrifying All at Once
What is your most embarrassing/shameful hook up story AskReddit


Then at his spring break kickoff party, someone came up with the idea to play spin the bottle in the hot tub. He thought wearing a speedo was sexy. It wasn't until after a couple of games and one too many drinks that one of them starts pumping up the music and stripping for all of our roommates. No charges were pressed, jar but I live to this day fucked up and distrusting of everyone and carry a strong hatred for authority.

But when I went on vacation to visit my family in Michigan last year, my cousin convinced me that my life could use some excitement. As I was running around outside, I noticed the bathroom window at Sarah's house was open, so I climbed through it. Met a girl at an all day music festival. We both had our eyes on appropriately sized people that we each were interested in, and we didn't want to sour each others game by letting this gossip get out.

Diary of a Hookup from Hell

What is your most embarrassing/shameful hook up story AskReddit

Literally gagging as I'm humping this behemoth. My dad walked past him anyways. When we pull up to Jane's house i see my three best buds all squished together on one of those decorative lawn benches, smiling ear to ear.

Share On email Share On email Email. One of my favorite rides is a slide that shoots you into a giant pool like a cannonball. Later that night we went out to the club and met these Australian guys.

We get a wild long ride if you all of failed to offer. One of the girls chose a club nobody had heard of. He looked confused, and slightly less aggressive.

One microdot of acid, smoked some weed, ate a bunch of fruit that had been soaked in Everclear alcohol. Share On sms Share On sms. We were both really drunk but it was still awesome, really nice time with her, i need online especially because I had been crushing on her for a while and she had been denying me.

From there she pulled out a giant, black and red tarp and laid it over the bed. After talking for a while, she pulled me into a bathroom and locked it. We went out to the city one Saturday night after I had finished my exams.

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Her mom tells me she'll think about what she's going to do about me and basically lets me know that she's in control of my life now. Next day we wake up and I'm at a loss for words at the sight of this chick, but I'm thinking that I just need to be polite until I get back to Jane's house. On the minute walk home, I found myself smack in the middle of Admitted Student Day. So this one time I got way too intoxicated and ended up going home with this guy.

The Casual Sex Project Reveals The Truth About Hookup Culture

15 Twentysomethings Reveal Their Craziest College Hookup Stories

2. The Straight Roommate

  • This is worth a listen then.
  • Over an hour went by with five hysterical phone calls to my sister and me trying to frantically get it out.
  • Once we were back on campus, the guy invited me back to his friend's house for a party.
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Sophomore female A few months ago my boyfriend, his roommate, one of my housemates and I were playing Apples to Apples in her room. On the ride home, I admitted I only did it to make her like me. We ignore these non-negotiables at the expense of a fulfilling sex life. One time, I went out to eat with my mom and old ex-boyfriend.

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