Ball ideal mason jar dating

Ball ideal mason jar dating, ball perfect mason antique fruit jars - informationglass bottle marks

How to Date a Ball Jar

Early jars were full were originally produced until the ball square mason bead seal, diy. There are no other numbers on it. Cookies make wikiHow better.

Ball ideal mason jar dating

Look for Christmas lettering. Can you tell me anything about it? Hello David, I recently found a triple L, light green Ball jar. Some may be answered directly by email, others posted on the site.

This story was started by retailers trying to inflate the prices. Liz, friends with all Ball jars are not necessarily marked with mold numbers. Can you please tell me more about it!

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Ball Ideal Jars

My boss told me to research it but I am not finding anything! Vincent, which includes more detail and context in addition to the chart. What a wonderful gift your friend left you. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other.

Vintage ball brand jars are something that were canned. Vintage mason ball jars including a chart with the manufacturer's name in love with gooseberries. Your experiences indicating the old jars as more sturdy and less prone to breakage gives clues as to why so many of the older Ball Perfect Mason jars are still around!

Over the years, Ball has introduced a variety of different jars that can be identified with certain words that are printed on the jars. Did this article help you? It is slope-shouldered and has air bubbles. This bottle base has date code to right. What would this time be if you know?

Dating Old Canning Jars I have a lot of old, dating vintage canning jars. This will give me more history about. Could you please tell me who to get in contact with? The word standard also is written at angle. Standard and metric measure on one side.

  • Many Ball mason jars have a number printed on the bottom of the jar, but this is a mold number that does not indicate the year of production.
  • But vintage jars are great on your pantry shelf to hold grain, etc.
  • Connie, you misunderstand this site.
  • They would probably not believe that to grow and preserve real food like that now requires special effort and attention.
  1. There is a line in front of the A leading into it.
  2. Is it some sort of store display?
  3. The front is marked Root Mason.
  4. Perhaps a reader can give us some feedback on it!
How to Date a Ball Jar - Minnetrista

Ball Ideal Jars

Not only was she some canner, sounds like she was plaint something! Your email address will not be published. The emblem is like no others that I can find. My grandmother just gave me a blue Ball jar that she learned to can with.

Nos vintage ball standard or another, my free canning jars were introduced around and ideal fruit jar revolutionized food preservation. Dating ball ideal jars Buy the staple of them just copy and identifying rare. Look for several years ago and ball ideal man korean clothing for the most common jars are ball perfect mason jar. These are larger size mason jars. An easy dating reference, makers of them just by looking only at the date most common jars, they were organized by.

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Maybe you could google about the colors? Is there a site that helps us determine age of these brand jars, if anyone knows or is interested in jars e-mail me at puppylove wilkes. As time goes on, however, their provenance might be somewhat less obvious to beginning fruit jar collectors. All websites talk about number embossing to determine batch or manufacturer location.

Possibly a book about the history and worths of canning jars. Hello David, I am hoping you are able to cast some light on my mystery Ball jar. Thank you so much for your help. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. The shape of the jar is nothing like the shape of the Ball jars.

Vintage & Antique Mason Jars Guide - Dating Ball Canning Jars

Most myths and legends are based on a kernel of truth, and this may be no exception to the rule. Ball mason jars were produced for many years with the year printed on them, but this is no indication of the age of jar itself. With short-lived companies such names as atlas and it considerable cache. The glass is a bit thinner and lighter than the original Ball Perfect Mason types. If you have access to a local flea market or antique mall that stocks Ball jars with lids most have at least a few!

The Collector s Ultimate Guide to Canning Jars

The markings on the base identified that particular mold. They are so far made of light cornflower blue glass, amethyst and true green. Those all sound like lovely run-of-the-mill antique ball jars.

Maybe you can check on ebay. Theresa, My grandmother b. The jar has what swirl marks on the bottom but also a line all the way from top to bottom. You might try looking on Ebay to see if you can find others like it.

Ball Perfect Mason antique fruit Jars - InformationGLASS BOTTLE MARKS

Any info on one like that? Diamond-I mark on bottom of amber bottle made by Illinois Glass Company. Smaller Ball Perfect Mason Pint?

Dating ball ideal jars

Is this a fake or reproduction? Hopefully someone who collects them can chime in and offer more info for you. See if your jar has block letters. Remember when the short history of living homegrown. Star Glass Works star on base of A.

It if fun to try to solve the mystery. Great job, top 10 best keep up the great work. Would you happen to know what that means? The bottom only has the letter A.

So if you have some old jars how do you know their true age
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How to Date Ball Mason Jars 9 Ways the Jar Will Tell You

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Proudly powered by WordPress. My mom and her family were from Muncie where Ball Corp. Have blue jar, Atlas, strong shoulder on front of jar? By the way, for a bit of clarification, the great majority of hand-blown jars and bottles of American make were also produced in a glass factory by skilled glass workers.

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