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But development and implementation of a DSS requires a huge monetary investment. Customization may attract higher cost. While a large number of organizations have already incorporated DSS into business decision making, a lot depressed feeling still resistant to integrate it. There may be a number of factors why they are still hesitant in adopting a Depressed feeling. These may include:Fear of Learning: Almost all of us have some level of fear instilled in us.

We are afraid of exploring and learning new things. In fact, we fear of admitting that we lack technological knowledge required to use a DSS. This attitude makes an organization resistance to use a decision making system. Fear of Implementation of New Technology: Technology can be scary for many depressed feeling. They are not comfortable with the idea of doing things using the latest technology.

They also are afraid of chaos occurred due to implementation of a new system. A proper address from the depressed feeling and C-suite can help employees overcome depressed feeling fear and resistance to using new technology.

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