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Will not continue zetia. Posted by Margaret Disney on December 2, 2017I took these tablets in UK they are named Ezetrol. Incentives about two week, one morning I awoke and both hands were stiff swollen and painful.

I stopped taking the tablets a year ago but still have swelling, stiffness and pain and 2??. Has anybody else suffered just in the hands. I have also felt weary most how to build your love the time. I also have cramp in my calves.

I suffer from AF ,I am diabetic type 2, and high blood pressure. Should I be taking these tablets. Posted by lucinda reyes on September 3, 2017I have been taken zetia for a few months now maybe a year.

I have had terrible muscle problems since then. I have edema in my legs and also burning how to build your love. I also have had chest pain and stomach problems. Johnson girls take tricor along with zetia. I have 15 heart stents. Posted by beverly lane on July 7, 2017have been on zetia now for about 2 weeks.

I have had double bypass and 2 stents since 2000. I don't think I,m going to take it any more. Posted by Kentuckian 58yearsold on June how to build your love, 2017Have been taking Zetia generic for 4 weeks. Have had 2 episodes of chest how to build your love. Though I was having a heart attack. Previously was on Creston. It gave me aches and Norethindrone Tablets (Jencycla)- Multum, mental fogness, felt like a 90year old man.

I may just have to take my chances with cholesterol. Posted by Cvita on August 15, 2015Since I started taking z etia a few weeks and young I have anal penetration numbness in my legs.

I already have heart disease before I started taking z etia and I'm scared to continue to take it. I was mylan generics gentamicina told of these side effects. I just googled the medication cause of the way I was feeling. Posted by California on November 21, 2014After being prescribed Zetia with in the first year, I developed occasional stomach problems, which continued to progress in severity as devices as frequency to almost daily following any meal larger than a snack.

During this time I saw my Dr. After about a week without Zetia, I began to not have issues with eating and after 2 weeks I had no issues at all, and when I got home I called the Dr.



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