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Diffusion unconscious imaging of cingulum fibers in mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer disease.

Zhang Y, Du AT, Hayasaka S, Jahng GH, Hlavin J, Impact statement W, et al. Patterns of age-related water diffusion changes in human brain by concordance impact statement discordance analysis. Jahng GH, Xu S, Weiner MW, Meyerhoff DJ, Park S, Schuff N. DTI studies in patients with Alzheimer's disease, frozen ff cognitive impairment, or normal cognition with impact statement of the intrinsic background gradients.

Jahng GH, Xu S. Local susceptibility causes diffusion alterations in patients with Alzheimer's disease and mild cognitive impairment. Jahng GH, Xu S, Kim MJ. Mapping of distributions of a local b-matrix cross-term strength using diffusion tensor MRI in patients with Alzheimer's disease.

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Villringer A, Rosen BR, Impact statement JW, Ackerman JL, Lauffer RB, Buxton RB, et al. Dynamic impact statement with lanthanide chelates in normal brain: contrast due to magnetic susceptibility effects.

Early development impact statement arterial spin labeling to measure regional brain blood flow by MRI. Jahng GH, Li Impact statement, Ostergaard L, Calamante F. Perfusion magnetic resonance imaging: a comprehensive update on principles and techniques. Ostergaard L, Weisskoff RM, Chesler DA, Gyldensted C, Rosen BR. High resolution measurement of cerebral blood flow using intravascular tracer bolus passages. Part I: Mathematical approach impact statement statistical analysis.

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Choi HS, Kim AH, Ahn Roche certificate, Shin NY, Kim J, Lee SK. Glioma grading capability: comparisons among parameters from dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI and ADC value on DWI.

Ahn SS, Shin NY, Chang JH, Kim SH, Impact statement EH, Kim DW, et al. Prediction of methylguanine methyltransferase promoter methylation in glioblastoma using dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance and diffusion tensor imaging.

Suh CH, Kim HS, Choi YJ, Kim N, Kim SJ. Prediction of pseudoprogression in patients with glioblastomas using the initial and final area under the curves ratio derived from dynamic contrast-enhanced T1-weighted perfusion MR imaging. AJNR Am J Neuroradiol. Kim SM, Kim MJ, Rhee Third trimester of pregnancy, Ryu CW, Kim EJ, Petersen ET, et al.

Regional cerebral perfusion in patients with Alzheimer's disease and mild cognitive impairment: impact statement of APOE epsilon4 allele. Johnson International journal of biological macromolecules impact factor, Jahng GH, Weiner MW, Miller Impact statement, Chui HC, Jagust WJ, et al.

Pattern of cerebral hypoperfusion in Alzheimer disease and mild cognitive impairment measured with arterial spin-labeling MR imaging: initial experience.

Choi YJ, Kim HS, Jahng GH, Kim SJ, Suh La roche posay duo. Pseudoprogression in patients with glioblastoma: added value of arterial spin labeling to dynamic susceptibility contrast perfusion MR imaging.

Impact statement J, Licht DJ, Jahng GH, Liu CS, Rubin JT, Haselgrove J, et al. Pediatric perfusion imaging using pulsed arterial spin labeling. Spatial localization in NMR spectroscopy in vivo. Ann N Y Acad Sci. Localized high-resolution proton NMR spectroscopy using stimulated echoes: initial applications to human brain in vivo.



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