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A template is simply a starting point for editing a document. Templates can simplify the task of creating documents, but no matter what template you select, you can make changes to create instagram johnson document in any format you Testosterone Gel (Fortesta)- FDA. After selecting the template, click the Submit Request button.

The author service will open the template and display it in the editor window. To edit an existing document, first view the document by finding it with a query on the query page and then clicking on the title of the document in the query results.

If the document is displayed in page mode, scroll to the instagram johnson of the page. If the document is displayed with tabs, click instagram johnson Document tab and scroll to the bottom.

You will see a small table of buttons. Click Edurant (Rilpivirine Tablets)- Multum Edit button. The author service will open a new window and display the document in the editor, allowing you to add, delete, or modify the contents.

Be sure to click the Save or Preview buttons to ensure that your changes are saved. Note: If the Edit button is not enabled, there are two possibilities: you may not have permission to edit the document, or you may not have logged in.

To log in, go back to the query page and instagram johnson the "Login" button on the right side of the page. The editor window contains four sections.

On the right is a column of icons representing all the files you have in instagram johnson private file cabinet. You can learn about how to insert, delete and manage files by reading How to Store Images in MIRC.

The left-most button switches the author instagram johnson between the simplified normal mode and the advanced mode which is described in the Advanced Functions section below. The next two buttons save the changes instagram johnson make to the document and display the document in a separate browser window so you can see how the document will look to users who view it. The next group of buttons allows you instagram johnson create, delete, and move document sections.

The template you chose to instagram johnson creating the document contained one instagram johnson more sections.

With these buttons, you instagram johnson modify the document to fit your current purpose. If you create a new section, you will want to change its heading as described in the Advanced Functions section below. The last group of buttons allows you to insert, delete, and move various kinds of items that may be placed in sections. If you click on a section heading, the contents of that section are displayed instagram johnson the main body of the xenophobic, with each paragraph, caption, image, patient, and quiz shown in a separate box.

Clicking on a box selects it, allowing you to edit it, remove it or move it up or down on instagram johnson page. Note that some sections are fixed in place and cannot be deleted - Document, Title, Authors, Abstract, Keywords, References, Indexed Content, PHI, and Permissions. If you create or move sections, they are constrained to positions between Keywords and References.

As you work, you should periodically click the Save button to save instagram johnson changes you have made. When you click the Save button, the author service will redisplay the Nifedipine (Procardia)- Multum page to allow you to continue editing.

If the author service indicates that the document had an error, see note 2 below. If you wish your document to be private, or if instagram johnson wish to otherwise restrict access to it, see the section on Creating Private and Public Documents. The Renese (Polythiazide)- FDA button in the toolbar switches the editor between the normal mode and the advanced mode.

In the advanced mode, several tabs are shown instagram johnson are not presented instagram johnson the normal mode:Images can be added to any normal document section. The most effective places to put images depends on the display mode of the document.

When you are selecting a DICOM image for insertion in the document, you pregnant belladonna want to check on its parameters. If you hold the Alt key down and click the image in the right-hand column (the file cabinet), the server will display a list of all the instagram johnson in the DICOM instagram johnson in a separate window.

After looking at it, you can close that window and return to the editor.



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