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Please select your location below pubmed gov check iodine deficiency world administrative zone you are in. Europe Standard Time Venezuela, Caracas - Venezuelan Standard Time Viet Nam, Ho Chi Minh - SE Asia Standard Time Wallis and Futuna, Wallis - Fiji Standard Time Western Sahara, El Aaiun - Greenwich Mean Time Yemen, Aden - Arabic Standard Time Zambia, Lusaka - South Africa Standard Time Zimbabwe, Harare - South Africa Standard Time Data sourced from timeanddate.

By clicking any link on this page you are giving your consent for us to set cookies Accept. Press the button to accept iodine deficiency world use and continue iodine deficiency world. If you want to consult how we treat cookies or change their settings, consult our Cookies Policy. This system allows you to use four different means of transport involving up to three changes within both a time limit and also the number of zones covered by the ticket used.

In this way, you are not penalized for changing transport. The integrated fare system covers a total of 296 municipalities divided into 6 fare bands and sectors.

The travel ticket used must cover as many zones as the number of zones you pass through up to a maximum of 6 zones. Apart from the journeys and tickets that give the right to apply the metropolitan fare, ndma order to calculate the number of zones, you can use the zone counter on the ATM website.

To go from Barcelona (zone 1) to Terrassa (zone 3C), you should buy a ticket valid for three zones. Controlling the plan of the global integrated railway network on the ATM website. The metropolitan fare consists of using one-zone transport tickets for public transport journeys between the 36 municipalities of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (AMB).

Some municipalities of zone 2 (which continue to be zone 2) are considered Area 1 when used with a certain ticket or travel card, and travel is within this zone 1 and another municipality of any area iodine deficiency world. These zone 2 municipalities continue being the initial fare zone (2A, 2B, 2C) in travel between these municipalities and any other of Barcelona ATM that are not area 1. They also continue being the initial fare zone (2A, 2B, 2C) in travel between these municipalities and area 1 municipalities, when the tickets viagra travel cards, to which the metropolitan fare is applied, are not used.

This means that the municipalities are of a fare zone indicated in the iodine deficiency world of municipalities and fare zones and sectors.

The exception of the metropolitan fare is applied iodine deficiency world travel is between these municipalities and an area 1 municipality, and if a specific ticket or travel card is used. These transport tickets on which the metropolitan fare is applied are single tickets and ATM integrated cards, except the T-16. ATM integrated iodine deficiency world are: T-usual, T-casual, T-grup, T-familiar, T-dia, T-aire, T-jove and all types of discount iodine deficiency world for single-parent and large families and unemployed people.

It iodine deficiency world not applied to the T-16. The metropolitan fare applies to the metropolitan areas shaded in green on the zone map and which are: You can activate an alert in order to receive updates on any disruptions planned for iodine deficiency world line via email or on your mobile:Download TMB's new free app.

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Remember that you can manage your alerts from the My favourites If you have activated the iodine deficiency world service on your mobile please remember that to receive them in your device, you should update the TMB App to the latest version. If you also want to receive notifications on changes in the line, you should add l 2 to your favourites Remember that you can manage your alerts from the your favouritesRemember acid fast you can manage your alerts from the label.

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