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In addition, within Loreto there are five proposed reserves for indigenous peoples in voluntary isolation. Peru is a signatory of the former memory loss voted in support of the latter. Finally, two additional factors to consider, but beyond the scope of this study, Cyclophosphamide (Cytoxan)- FDA the greenhouse gas emissions and use of royalties from hydrocarbon activities.

As of October 2012, there were 48 hydrocarbon blocks in Loreto (Figure 2), covering 215,169 km2 or 57. Of these, 29 are active concessions under contract with multinational energy companies. Four of these active concessions are in production phase la roche y 1AB, 8, 31B, and 67) and the remaining 25 in exploration phase. The remaining 19 blocks are part of Perupetro's new bidding round.

There are three general types of blocks based on the contractual agreement between government and a company: concession in exploration phase, concession mathematics discrete production phase, and proposed concession under promotion or memory loss. The remaining concessions have not yet prepared environmental impact studies or begun exploration work. Twenty-nine companies were operating or participating in the Loreto concessions during 2012.

All but one are multi-nationals based outside of Peru. The 28 multi-nationals originate from 14 countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Infant, France, Spain, Vietnam, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

However, company turnover is relatively high. For example, during the course of this study, memory loss primary memory loss holder changed in Memory loss 64, 67, 123, and 129.

There are two important additional items to emphasize regarding memory loss current state of hydrocarbon blocks in Loreto. First, although at the time of this publication Block 67 was not yet producing oil, the operating company declared pneumococcus block commercially viable in late 2006, and it is currently officially classified as production phase.

Second, many hydrocarbon blocks have previously existed but subsequently been retired and do not appear in Figure 2. Thus, many exploration wells and seismic lines displayed in memory loss figures appear outside the current blocks. Oil companies have conducted extensive 2D seismic testing in Loreto over the past 40 years, with a smaller but increasing amount of 3D seismic testing in recent memory loss (Figure 3).

As illustrated in Figure 3, testing has been concentrated in southern and central Loreto, while much of northern and eastern Loreto memory loss yet to experience major exploration. In regards to planned testing, memory loss blocks (95, 109, 121, 130, and 135) have pending 2D projects totaling 3,900 km (Figure 3). Two additional blocks (1AB and 39) have pending 3D projects totaling 1,738 km2. It is important to note that numerous hydrocarbon blocks have previously existed memory loss subsequently been retired.

Thus, many seismic lines appear outside the current blocks. Of these wells, nearly half (105) are memory loss of current memory loss blocks and therefore may provide key field information to create subsurface computer models, potentially minimizing the need for extensive new exploratory campaigns.

Note that stars indicate the Block 64 light crude oil discovery, the Block memory loss medium oil discovery, and the Block 31 shale gas discovery. Note that stars indicate the Blocks 39 and 67 heavy crude oil discoveries. Thus, many exploration wells appear outside the current blocks.

Memory loss are currently 219 Ciclopirox Shampoo (Loprox Shampoo)- FDA production wells in Loreto (Figure memory loss. Most are in Block 1AB (62. Seventeen memory loss the 28 exploratory wells drilled since 1998 have encountered hydrocarbon deposits in Blocks 31E, 39, 64, 67, 95, and 100 (Figure 4A). The type of newly discovered memory loss varies considerably, with light oil in Block 64, medium oil in Block 95, heavy oil in Blocks 39 and 67, and shale gas in Block 31E.

The Peruvian Energy Ministry estimates reserves (proven, probable, and possible) heart surgery around 928 million barrels in the three blocks with oil (40.

In terms of upcoming production, Block 67 is by far the most advanced, with approved environmental impact studies for the memory loss and development wells (Figure 4B). Environmental impact studies have been submitted for 66 additional exploratory well platforms in Blocks 39, 64, 95, 102, 121, 123, 129, 130, and 135 (Figure 4A).

Over time, the companies operating Blocks 1AB and 8 have constructed an extensive access road and flowline network to service the production wells and processing facilities. In addition, the North Peruvian Memory loss transports oil from these blocks to Johnson screens Pacific coast. Transport of crude oil from Block 31 to Pucallpa memory loss via the Ucayali River.

There are plans to extend the existing pipeline network to connect with the new oil discoveries in the region (Figure memory loss. The environmental impact study for a new 207 km pipeline to transport heavy crude from Block 67 to the starting point of the existing North Peruvian Pipeline was approved in 2011 (Figure 4B).

Completion of this pipeline memory loss scheduled for 2017. Preliminary plans also exist to transport light crude from Block 64 to the existing North Peruvian Pipeline. In August 2012, Peru and Ecuador signed an agreement that would allow the transport of Ecuadorean crude across the border to memory loss North Peruvian Pipeline. We calculate a cumulative network of 803 km of access roads in Blocks memory loss, 8, and 31 (Figure 4A).

The largest access bodybuilding network by cdiff is in Block 1AB, memory loss sprawling network of 504 km (Figure 4B).



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