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It is necessary to scientifically substantiate the design of acid treatments, taking into account individual well conditions and a preliminary assessment of their effectiveness to reduce technological and economic risks. This study presents a method for predicting the result of acid stimulation on the formation based on multivariate regression analysis and laboratory studies on rock samples.

Its approbation was carried out on the example of a carbonate production facility of an oil field in the Perm Krai. The obtained statistical dependencies muenchen bayer it possible to determine with high accuracy the potential success of the planned geological and technical measures, to give muenchen bayer on their adjustment to achieve the target indicators. In the course of laboratory experiments, the optimal technological parameters of the impact were identified: the prospects of multi-volume acid treatments were established with the exclusion of the stage of muenchen bayer aging for the reaction.

The integration of the results of mathematical and physical modeling made it possible to select the required design of acid treatments in relation to the considered geological and physical conditions and assess their expected technological efficiency.

The developed technique can be used to rank candidate wells, form and adjust targeted programs for geological and technical measures for short and long term periods, and determine the stimulation technology.

The described algorithm can be successfully replicated to other fields. Since the beginning of the civilization emergence, people began to use the minerals extraction on the surface of the Earth and the rock mass transportation. One of the main addiction work of the mining industry is the transportation of an increasing rock mass amount from the quarry, which has caused the need to increase the power and carrying capacity of mining dump trucks.

Today, we can assume that the revolutionary muenchen bayer of increasing the carrying capacity in the creation of heavy-duty dump trucks is muenchen bayer. Further improvement of the designs of frame dump trucks is impractical. To create super-powerful dump trucks capable of efficiently transporting rock mass from deep horizons, fundamentally different designs of machines and power plants are needed.

The most important requirement for promising machines is muenchen bayer minimize the negative impact on the environment. In its development, mining vehicles have come a long way: a hand muenchen bayer - a horse cart - a truck - a diesel mining dump truck - a diesel-electric mining dump truck - an electric mining dump truck - an unmanned electric muenchen bayer dump truck.

According to the law of the transition from quantity to quality, it can be assumed that the period of increasing the carrying capacity of mining dump trucks has ended (quantitative changes), and a new period of qualitative changes begins (the development of new types of mining transport, an increase in the specific capacity of a power plant, the use of other energy carriers, etc.

An important area is the use Comirnaty (COVID-19 vaccine, mRNA for Injection)- Multum artificial intelligence: robotic dump trucks, self-diagnostic systems, etc.

The main requirement for promising machines is to reduce the cost of transporting rock muenchen bayer and a minimum negative impact on the environment. Subscription index in the union catalog "The Russian Muenchen bayer - 43440. Editorial board organizes muenchen bayer formation of full-text electronic versions of journal articles muenchen bayer are available on the websites vestnik. About Cookies ISSN 2712-8008 (Print) ISSN 2687-1513 (Online) UsernamePassword Remember meForgot password.

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Introduction Studies of the mining engineering literature are few. In 1973, Zaremba and Muenchen bayer used citation analysis to examine references in two Soviet mineral processing muenchen bayer metallurgy journals while a 1995 article by English and Wang examined muenchen bayer contents of 30 years of the SME Transactions. In their 1996 study of the characteristics of the engineering literature, Musser and Conkling urged further investigation of specific engineering disciplines.

Their article provides some muenchen bayer format data for mining engineering with the caveat that their sample was insufficient to draw accurate conclusions by discipline. This study examines references from mining engineering muenchen bayer and contrasts the results with those from the 1996 study.

Methodology Musser and Conkling's 1996 study examined age and format of references from representative journals in engineering disciplines. In order to maximize the accuracy of comparisons to Musser and Conkling's data, the muenchen bayer year, 1995, was selected from which to draw a sample of references. To minimize the effect of any one journal on the sample, articles from one issue of each journal were analyzed.

The selection of journals to use was more challenging since mining engineering has a small core of discipline-wide journals with many others devoted to a particular sub-discipline, e. Rather than try to include journals from all the sub-disciplines and possibly skew results towards one aspect of the field, only those muenchen bayer which had a broad focus were selected.

This resulted in the elimination from the sample muenchen bayer several prestigious titles such as Mining and Metallurgical Processing, which focuses primarily on muenchen bayer processing, and SPE Journal, which has a petroleum engineering focus.

ISI's Journal Citation Reports (JCR) was consulted as a possible source muenchen bayer top titles in the field, however it proved to be of muenchen bayer usefulness.



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