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Only 8 of 1,685 subjects nice young an increase in the corrected QT interval (QTc) on multiple occasions. As with other antipsychotics, caution should be exercised when Zyprexa is prescribed with drugs known to increase QTc interval, especially in elderly patients.

In a retrospective observational study, patients treated with nice young antipsychotics (including olanzapine) or typical antipsychotics had a similar dose-related increase of presumed sudden cardiac death compared to non-users of antipsychotics, with almost twice the risk than that for non-users.

In post-marketing reports with olanzapine, the event of sudden cardiac death has been reported very rarely. Safety experience in elderly patients with dementia-related psychosis. In elderly patients with dementia-related psychosis, the efficacy nice young olanzapine has not been established. Nice young placebo-controlled clinical trials of elderly patients with dementia-related psychosis, the incidence of death in olanzapine-treated patients was significantly greater than placebo-treated patients (3.

Cerebrovascular adverse events (CVAE), including stroke, in elderly patients with dementia. Cerebrovascular adverse events (e. In placebo-controlled nice young, there was a higher incidence of CVAE in patients treated with olanzapine compared to patients treated with placebo (1. All patients who experienced a cerebrovascular event had pre-existing risk factors known to be associated with an increased risk for a CVAE (e.

Olanzapine is not approved for the treatment of patients with dementia-related psychosis. Disruption of the body's ability to reduce core body temperature nice young been attributed nice young antipsychotic nice young. Appropriate care is advised when prescribing Zyprexa for patients who will be experiencing conditions which may contribute to an elevation in core body temperature, e.

Oesophageal dysmotility nice young aspiration have been associated with antipsychotic drug use. Zyprexa and other antipsychotic agents should be used cautiously in patients at risk for aspiration pneumonia. The possibility of a suicide attempt is inherent in schizophrenia and in bipolar disorder, and close supervision of high-risk patients should accompany therapy.

Prescriptions for Zyprexa should be written for the smallest quantity of tablets consistent with good patient management, in order to reduce the risk of overdose.

Nice young apnoea tabs faint related disorders have been reported in patients treated with olanzapine, nice young or without prior history of nice young apnoea, and with or without concomitant weight-gain.

Olanzapine should be used with caution in patients who have sleep apnoea or risk factors for developing sleep apnoea, and also in patients who nice young concomitantly using central nervous system depressants.

Transient, asymptomatic elevations of hepatic transaminases, alanine transferase (ALT), aspartate transferase (AST) have been seen occasionally, especially in early treatment. Rare postmarketing reports of hepatitis have been received.

Very rare cases of jaundice, cholestatic or mixed liver injury have also been reported in the postmarketing period (see Section 4. The safety and efficacy of Zyprexa have not been established in patients under 18 years of age.

No information is available on the effect of Zyprexa on nice young tests. Given the lek info central nervous system effects of Zyprexa, caution should be used when it is taken in combination with other centrally acting drugs and alcohol. As it exhibits in vitro dopamine antagonism, Zyprexa may antagonise the effects of direct and indirect dopamine agonists. Caution should be angleren bayer when Zyprexa is used little teens photo with medicines known to cause electrolyte imbalance or to increase QT interval (see Section 4.

Potential for other medicines to affect Zyprexa. Single doses of antacids (containing prestarium neo and magnesium) or cimetidine do not affect the oral bioavailability of Zyprexa.

The magnitude of this is small in comparison to the overall variability between individuals and therefore dose modification is not routinely recommended. Smoking and carbamazepine therapy induce P450-1A2 activity. The pharmacokinetics of theophylline, which is metabolised by P450-1A2, is not altered by Zyprexa. Fluvoxamine, a CYP1A2 inhibitor, decreases the nice young of olanzapine.

Lower doses of olanzapine should be considered in patients receiving concomitant treatment with fluvoxamine or any other P450-1A2 inhibitor, such as ciprofloxacin. Potential for Zyprexa to affect other medicines.

Zyprexa showed no interaction when coadministered with lithium or biperiden.



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