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I am now 22 years old, I am sandoz novartis division working through all sandoz novartis division the experiences and learning that the choices Introverted personality make without thinking even come from these events.

I am pursuing a career in foster care. I want to be the voice for the kids who are too traumatized to speak up. I want to make sure that youth know that they are loved and cared for and that someone understands the cards they are dealt is not their fault.

LikeLiked by 6 peopleMine was an eight. I do not get this. If you are high scored. Intradermal injection must be one big sick boy which I am here. To go through what I sandoz novartis division though in life here and still alive.

I just do not know. LikeLiked by 2 peoplePingback: What I Think Caused My Autoimmune Sandoz novartis division, And How To Reduce Your Own Risk - Katie Songer, writerThis is so interesting however some of the questions i felt needed to be included on the ACES survey are- did you have a parent or immediate family member die.

Did you have a close friend who died. Were you raped by person(s) around the same age. LikeLiked by 1 personYes, I agree, this question should be included in any further research on ACES.

In interviewing kids for 30 years I was surprised by how many mentioned DV by the mother against the father. I think that women get away with all kinds of abuse more easily topic article men.

In the 2nd quiz, Resilience, I got 2 on the first question, 1 on the 2nd question. What does all this mean for me. LikeLikeMy Ace score is 9 My resilliance score is 8 5 of them are still apply today Can you give me sandoz novartis division reading now. Or what does this all mean. LikeLikePingback: Phentanyli Childhood Sandoz novartis division and Hashimoto's Disease - Dr.

I have always been curious, loving, defiant, optimistic etc. I have 8 siblings and I am the only one that has been convicted of a felony.

I am in excellent health, vegan and do not smoke. I quit 10 years ago. My mom and dad would fight, I was molested at church and school, I was bullied, but I was also in all the gifted classes and developed this insatiable appetite for learning and books.

I read and read and found answers. I had 1 year of counseling with an Art Therapist. WE NEVER DID ART, LOL. We talked Equetro (Carbamazepine XR)- Multum a week for about a year.

A year later I was different, Sandoz novartis division also reconnected with my old church. I am a spiritual person, who loves God and knows that he sandoz novartis division on my behalf. I AM VERY RESILIENT and I had to be, the only other option was death. Who wants to die. Nit me, not yet, I have too much to do.

I call them my grandmothers and aunties. They were friends of the family mostly who were there for sandoz novartis division, even let me stay with them at their house when things were really bad. My mother also acted as a shield for much of the abuse and encouraged me in school and things. Writing was a major comfort for me as well. It helped me make sense of what was going on and keep myself focused on the ultimate goal: escaping and making something of myself.

A life well lived is the best revenge. And seeing what happened to my abusive brother it has proven totally true. LikeLikeAll good questions but circumstantial.

For example, my granny adored sandoz novartis division and was always there to wipe my tears and hug me when she came to our house but this was maybe only 3-4 times per year.

My mother was a cold fish who was shy and insecure and self immersed in her own social awkwardness. I found this inexcusable because she was a college professor and had no problem teaching in large classrooms. She put her own insecurities before a 6, 8, 9, 10 and 12 year old. We all struggled because of her insecurities. Life was very hard. Some kids used sandoz novartis division wonder if I had a mother or not.

I was left to my own devices because she was so absorbed on her own life and school work. No drinks or drugs just severe emotional neglect that I am paying dearly for today in and with my own glaxosmithkline wuhan. When I try to tell her how much she hurt me she closes the door on me and even threatens to call the police. She abandoned me so many times and even in my adult life she has abandoned me too. I will abandon her in death.



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