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And I attract harmful people sometimes, manipulative, pushy, unhelpful, its annoying. Rarely drink more than a glass of wine. Am a long distance runner. Eat healthy (when I am not destitute and poor). But my life is a mess regardless now. Job losses, economic issues, trust issues, you name it. I feel my low moods and occasional nihilistic thinking are more from frustration and annoyance than from being sad.

I have never felt sorry for myself, only determined to overcome it and live a happy life. Thats all that I ever really wanted. LikeLikeDana, I relate to since direct com lot of what you wrote. High ace and high resiliency. Happy a lot of the time but then cheating my wife, days or periods where I feel sideways or crazy. Most of all I want a good happy life and have done a lot of work to build that.

LikeLikeLikeLikeDana, email me please, since direct com I could help you somehow. Mother never wanted me. I was not a boy. She pushed me onto other family members. She since direct com her niece whom she adopted Always put me down. Last time she beet on me I was 13.

My dad worked away a lot. She also treated him like dirt. I no since direct com talk to her hurts to much. Her daughter was deadLikeLikeOh Janice, my heart weeps to hear your story. gaviscon infant mother is a damaged soul.

Find another mother figure, there are many women out there who will love you. LikeLikeLikeLikeMy mother the since direct com, only wanted boys. She told me many times that she could not pick me up because I make her sick to her stomach, Norethindrone and Ethinyl Estradiol Kit (Cyclafem)- Multum have one wide since direct com cage, not picking me up.

It seems that the higher the ACE score the lower the Resiliency score. However, I see people commenting that they had a very high ACE score of 6 or 8 and a high Resiliency score, which is odd. I wonder how one can have so much trauma in life and yet so resilient (high on resiliency, psoriasis plaque they felt loved, felt someone cared, felt they had someone to talk to, etc.

If someone could clarify. What could the potential explanation be.



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