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Dating british swords, pattern infantry officer s sword

Fine Scottish Basket Hilted Sword of Stirling type of the mid 18th century

Think about this as you appraise it as a weapon, as an aesthetically valuable handcraft, as a tangible piece of history, and as what was once high-technology. If and when you do it's a thrill, but what then? Studies of Shang Archaeology. Bolos and baliswords were used during the revolutions against the colonialists not only because ammunition for guns was scarce, but also for concealability while walking in crowded streets and homes. Does it feel awkward or strange?

Does the blade widen or narrow toward the point? Everything is tight, the sword sheathes well in the matching steel scabbard and the steel is all in nice condition with some patina and only small areas of light pitting in places. Historically there were variations of cutlasses produced including curved blades and scabbards with brass throat pieces and chapes. At what locations does it appear to change along its length?

As steel technology improved, single-edged weapons became popular throughout Asia. Obviously, funny dating rhymes you must refrain from performing any quick or large actions you don't want to alarm any non-practitioners present. It also tells you next to nothing about how the weapon might perform under high-impact stress.

Pattern infantry officer s sword

Many of these are now readily available online. At the amazing price we are offering this piece, every naval enthusiast can afford one. The whole hilt assembly is tight and with no movement. Thus they might have considered swords as the most potent and powerful object. This sword is in high demand from various modern Commonwealth Cavalry regiments especially reserve units.

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This sword is a pattern British General Officer's Sword. British Military Swords from to the Present Day. As a longtime student of swords and swordsmanship who has had ample experience inspecting authentic pieces, I have some recommendations worth passing along. In examining authentic swords you will certainly discover major differences between antiques and modern replicas. This style is typical of the basket-hilted swords, with its flattened and grooved detail, produced in the Glasgow Hammermen of Scotland.

How to Evaluate a Historical Sword Specimen

So be deliberate and careful as you lift, hold, place back down, dating site sample profile or hand off any weapon. Is the edge condition uniform or are there sections where it is different? Some cutting blades are much thinner at the final quarter toward the point and may show a slight droop. Does any knuckle-bow attach to the pommel or stop short of it?

The constant exposure to sea water, temperature and humidity fluctuations destroyed many a grip making the sword useless. Are they symmetrical or asymmetrical? These are still considered side-swords and are sometimes labeled sword rapier or cutting rapier by modern collectors. Daily life in the medieval Islamic world. Is the blade's cross-section flatter, diamond shaped, or lenticular oval?

Regulation folding gilt brass guard and lion-head pommel. Is the ricasso particularly thick or long? Courier Dover Publications, p. The grip is leather wrapped with copper wire. Some regiments carried variations on the standard pattern, generally consisting of variations of the royal cypher on the guard.

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The Khanda is a double-edge straight sword. Is the point rounded, acutely-tapered, or clipped? The side-sword was a type of war sword used by infantry during the Renaissance of Europe. Completing the sword is its brown scabbard with steel chape end piece.

  • Finishing off the hilt are the decorative acorn finials at the ends of cross piece.
  • Sometimes owners or curators are indifferent to fine weapons merely because they may be humble or unexceptional in appearance.
  • The shagreen grip is very good and all the silver grip wire is present and tight.
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Dating british swords

Such modern duels were not fought to the death. The brass hilt is all in good shape and without movement, having traces of gilding remaining in the recesses. Do not let the amazingly affordable price fool you. Nearer the hilt where it defends more or nearer the point where it strikes more? How do you form an educated opinion?

The shagreen and grip wire is perfect considering the age. All in all, a very nice sword which would benefit from some restoration, or make a very respectible example of the type as it is. This developed to the gentlemen in the Victorian era to use the umbrella. For example, the backsword may be so called because it is single-edged but the falchion which is also single-edged is given its own specific name. If so, what size are those features and along what portion of the edge do they appear?

In Sikh history, dating the sword is held in very high esteem. What criteria are valuable when considering a piece? The English Martial Arts Academy.

There are traces of plating to the backstrap and pommel. Completing the sword is its two ringed brass and leather scabbard. The diagram opposite shows a typical Medieval European sword. The vast majority of manufacturers today know their products are not as good as the originals nor made in the same way, texto safety rules but aren't about to say so. Coronation and enthronement.

A fine Scottish Basket Hilted Broad Sword Dating to circa 1730
British Swords and Sabres (Army Royal Navy and Scottish Swords)

Pattern 1897 infantry officer s sword

Dating a sword precisely can be difficult because similar blade forms were used over many centuries and older blades were often refitted with newer-style hilts. Probably dating to the s or s, this Rifles officer's sword carried Thurkle's proof slug and is in good tidy condition, though with the blade etching rather faint. Yet British Commonwealth officers are forced to pay three times that price for their swords.

What proportion of width is the tang compared to the blade at its shoulder? Look also to see if the portion of the blade near the hilt is flatter and sharper or thicker and blunter. Try moving it smoothly through positions to get a feel for how its center of gravity would permit it to act. They could still bend during use rather than spring back into shape.

  1. As the wearing of swords fell out of fashion, canes took their place in a gentleman's wardrobe.
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  3. Is it belted, waisted, or unusually-shaped?
  4. The leather washer is still present, though the sword lacks a scabbard unfortunately.

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